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B2B Services

Dedicated services and convenient solutions to help you save time and money

Make the right choice

By doing business with a Ford Pro dealership, commercial vehicles center, you are guaranteed to benefit from services specifically designed for commercial customers and 100% adapted to their needs. At Chartrand Ford Pro, we go even further to ensure you a unique shopping experience. Take advantage of our exclusive services such as long-distance delivery, courtesy vehicles or pickup and delivery service. You are sure not to go wrong by choosing us as your business partner.

Customized fit-up service

Because your business has unique needs, you will need a unique vehicle. Our custom fit-out service can help you put in place all the elements that will make your work easier, while respecting your budget. Whether it's for transportation, work, or moving your staff, our fit-out department will find the perfect solution and equip your vehicle with the features your business needs.


Maintenance and repair solutions

To get your vehicles back on the road as quickly as possible


After-sales service and repair

Just because you own the vehicle doesn't mean you're on your own. Our advisors will continue to support you in all your needs, even after your truck is active in your business. They will work with you to determine what improvements need to be made, if any, or will always be at your side to ensure that repairs are made by the specialists at our technical center. We do not sell you a vehicle, we become your business partner.


Routine maintenance

To be in top shape, your commercial vehicle must undergo regular maintenance, as outlined in the owner's manual. Our advisors and technical specialists will work with you to schedule routine maintenance and ensure that it is done at the right time so that it does not interfere with your operations.

Maintenance program

Because it's better to plan ahead, we can offer you a complete maintenance program for your vehicle, including routine checks and more. Most of the maintenance plans we offer cover all the prescribed scheduled maintenance services listed in your Owner's Manual, plus 8 wear parts. This peace of mind allows you to enjoy the convenience of prepaid maintenance to help keep your vehicles running at peak performance.


Specialized Advisors

The advisors who work with you are experts. They've spent long hours training in product knowledge and specialize in unique features and technology related to business development. Because they are experts, they can also help you find the most appropriate financing solutions for your business.

Chartrand Ford Pro exclusive services Chartrand Ford Pro exclusive services

Chartrand Ford Pro exclusive services

In addition to the services offered as a Ford Pro dealer, commercial vehicles center, each customer benefits from exclusive, high-end service to make life easier for entrepreneurs. Because more than anyone, we know the importance of saving you time and money.

  • Business courtesy program

  • Pickup and delivery service

  • Long-distance delivery in the Maritimes and Ontario

  • In-house financing

  • Custom upfitting services

Contact us to learn more and how to access them.